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10 Sir Alfred Munnings designs, pick your favorite artwork and create a stunning and unique table.  Coasters are available individually in any style.  Purchase 4 coasters and we will provide you with a stylish presentation box, perfect as a gift or simply to keep your coasters together. British Made and brought to you by Isabel Scott. 

Lady Munnings on Exmoor... Coaster.

Lady Munnings on Exmoor... Coaster.


Individual coasters - £5.00

Buy individually to create your own unique table from our 10 designs. Purchase 4 coasters and the presentation gift box is yours for keeps.

Quality, British Made coasters brought to you by Isabel Scott.

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All about the product...

Our British, hand made coasters are finished to a high quality, designed and made to last. A protective, hard wearing melamine surface is added to a sustainably sourced, eucalyptus board, finished with a black baize backing. You can wipe-clean the matt surface and be reassured that they are heat and stain resistant to 130 degrees. A perfect stylish addition to your dining or coffee table.   Size: 10cm x 10cm (4 x 4”) square with rounded corners and contoured edges.

'Lady Munnings riding a Grey Hunter 'Magnolia', side-saddle with her dogs on Exmoor'  We believe that the painting was started in 1924, but not exhibited until 1956.  There is a suggestion, from the Munnings Art Museum's archive material, that Munnings tinkered with it for decades.   A smaller study at the museum is  annotated 'Study for Happy Days' but unsure why it was called this, possibly due to his early days of his marriage to Violet?  However, the mare in this painting was called 'Magnolia' and her sire was 'Happy Man', so another possible influence on the title, but there is no evidence for either theory.

The full title of this artwork is 'Lady Munnings Riding a Grey Hunter ('Magnolia') side-saddle with her dogs on Exmoor.  Believed to have been painted in 1924.